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    Inventing interactions

    Innovation has always been a key aspect of our work. We love to explore new ways to interact, prototype and test new ideas, play with games which were previously merely concepts.

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    Composing with technology

    Our Lab is experimenting endlessly with all sorts of devices: virtual reality, augmented reality, depth tracking, face tracking, connected objects, voice recognition, among others.

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    Focusing on content

    Studying and learning each technology's language allows us to create the best content for it. Our goal is to bring compelling and entertaining user experiences, accessible to everyone.

The Lab

Innovation has always been a key part in our work. We love to explore, imagine new ideas, try new hardware, test new interactions to create prototypes for the future.

If you have hardware which needs content, we’re happy to pitch in !

Research and Development


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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.Arthur C.Clarke