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SpatialStories is the effort of the founding team at apelab to create a full Production Suite for interactive VR & AR content creation. The Suite reflects the growing need for a comprehensive, creators friendly, professional foundation to make interactive content easier to build.

VR & AR are inherently interactive mediums spreading out in all verticals. Whether it is for education, healthcare, entertainment, music or art, every industry is looking to build their own forms of interactive experiences and build new incredible “things” that don’t have a name yet.

SpatialStories is a constant work-in-progress, a testing lab, a philosophy. An open-minded place to create the tools that we’ve yet to imagine and to think outside of the box. We are creating SpatialStories for the industry, with the industry so we need your voice. Whether you’re a designer, a scriptwriter, a student or an engineer, we want to know what you need, what is missing to bring your craziest visions to life!


The SpatialStories SDK is a complete tool embedded in the Unity engine that covers all the needs from room-scale to mobile VR productions inside Unity. By simplifying the creation of interactive objects and giving access to a robust dependency system, creatives who have a basic understanding of the Unity engine can start building a VR experience in a couple of minutes. The free Beta version of our SDK covers Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Mobile and AR platforms will follow-up as we gear up towards full release.


SpatialStories Studio is a standalone application where VR/AR creators can build a project from scratch directly from within a headset or in a friendly writing mode tailored made for interactive content.

Import 3D assets or use our library to get started, convert them into interactive objects and start building your experience with absolutely no coding or game engine knowledge required. SpatialStories is the perfect companion for Creatives with a vision, story to share.

SpatialStories studio even allows you to seamlessly send all the interactive data to the Unity engine through our SDK.


  • Don’t be shy ! Enter the stage and do something…
  • Use your eyes: Your gaze has the power to hypnotise the audience.
  • What a peculiar audience…Don’t be shy, go amaze them!


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SpatialStories Credits

Emilie Joly
Executive & Creative Direction

Michael Martin
Technical & Creative Direction

Cristian Muriel, Michael Martin, Arthur Leclerc

Maria Beltran
User Experience

Sylvain Joly
Interface Design