SpatialStories & Unity : Working Together

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What is the difference between Unity and SpatialStories?

We are often asked this question when we present our new software. This post will try to answer it.

For now, SpatialStories is a Unity Plugin, allowing designers and developers to create AR/VR interactions easily within the popular game engine. But in a few months, it will be so much more.

No Code, just Creative Fun

Unity is a game engine, a software designed for the creation and development of video games. If you are not a coder, you will have a hard time using it, and especially for designing VR or AR experiences.

SpatialStories is a Software Package allowing teams to create VR/AR experiences without coding knowledge. You can already register on to access the Beta Plugin for Unity.

  • We specialize in VR/AR
  • The interface and the ergonomy are designed for neophytes and beginners
  • User Friendly and Intuitive platform, a kid can use it

SpatialStories Package

SpatialStories is currently in Beta, with an access specifically to the SpatialStories Plugin for Unity. But when released in a few months, the package will include two softwares: SpatialStories Plugin and SpatialStories Studio. Each software can either work alongside each another or be used independently.

SpatialStories Plugin

We offer a simple interface compatible with popular game engines where you can easily:

  • Work with all HMD’s without the hurdle of downloading and integrating each package
  • Create Interactive Objects
  • Import assets and attribute functions in a few clicks (no code)
  • Create complex chain of events using Dependencies.

You can export into a final app (standalone or on the web), or you can export your project into Unity.

SpatialStories Studio

We offer an interactive VR/AR workplace where you can easily:

  • Conceptualize ideas
  • Work on scenarii with your team
  • Design prototypes
  • Select assets and attribute functions in VR/AR (no code, isn’t it beautiful?)
  • Preview your ideas in VR/AR
  • Adjust your sequences
  • If needed, export your project to a game engine with SpatialStories Plugin

VR/AR Creation Finally Taking Off

VR/AR creation is now reserved to a restricted group of technicians. SpatialStories unlocks the doors to this fascinating world. If you are a coder or a VR Studio, SpatialStories speeds up the workflow and saves you hours of coding. If you are a designer, you don’t need to know anything about coding. After creating your account, you can start building your VR/AR experience straightaway.

“SpatialStories incredibly reduces the creation process” says Michaël Martins, apelab CTO. “You don’t have to go through the pain of coding every action, and waiting weeks before seeing the results. You can pick an object or a character, assign several behavior patterns and it works.”

5 million people are already working with Unity. SpatialStories is expanding furthermore this user base, and the functionalities of this great game engine.

SpatialStories will enable teachers to create, by themselves, tutorials for their students; architects can make interactive visits of their construction projects; doctor could imagine new recovery therapies,” declares Emilie Joly, apelab CEO. “This is really exciting!

VR / AR becoming mainstream

Available now in the Beta program, SpatialStories includes an update for ARKit, Apple’s AR-based software announced at their recent Keynote. Creators will be able to create high-quality AR experiences using the built-in camera, processors, and motion sensors found on iPhone and iPad. The creation process will even be smoother with SpatialStories. We really are on the eve of a new era!

Are you a designer? Do you want to test SpatialStories? Join our Beta-Tester Community, it is free! Just register on

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