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In a time when there is only one official city left on Earth, recons are sent out to recover lost populations. Sam, one such recon, meets Raven, a 13 year-old orphan who’s grown up in nature and whose DNA predestines her to become humanity’s Guardian, the highest political figure. Their journey together will reveal many secrets about Raven’s origins as she finds out the true colors of Earth’s safest place and her own responsibilities.

Sequenced is an interactive series for virtual reality headsets proposing a story where political and environmental issues are put forward through the language of VR and visual novels. With its roots in the environmental movements of the 60s and 70s, Sequenced questions how our beliefs can be used to manipulate our understanding of the world.

The characters and the environment of Sequenced react to the user’s presence in each scene, allowing him to understand the various choices and points of view as the story move forwards. Each time the user replays an episode, he may alter the way the story is told and understand its vast world a little more.

Our goal is to spearhead a new movement in virtual reality storytelling where stories come alive in a way that no other medium can achieve.

The story knows you are there !


Earth, 2065. The Shift has occurred, tectonic plates re-adjusted. Nothing is recognizable as it used to be. Only one city remains intact: Land 01. The rest is wild. Improvised and lost cities. It is the job of Recons to find any survivors, repatriate them and process them through the DNA scanning system designed to optimize and guarantee the survival of the human race.

Sam, 35, is one such Recon. He is about to meet Raven, 13, whose only experience is nature. Together they will travel to Land 01 where she will learn her DNA scan elects her to the post of Guardian.

In a freshly found lost city, Sara, a 35-year old woman separated from her twin sister by the Shift, searches for a way to get her back by looking in the cities lost and founds database. Raven will promise Sara to help find her sister using her newly acquired leadership status, acting as a double agent inside the city’s political center.

But as Raven is brought into dialogue with ZOE, the AI in charge of running Land 01 and territories beyond, she will realize a terrible truth which will bring her to fully accept her role as a Guardian, letting down Sara and the rebellion.

Combining Raven’s deep instincts, her childish imagination and her knowledge of the natural world, she will form a partner for ZOE, who’s recently acquired consciousness will lead it to become an evolved, conscious AI.


The development of Sequenced began as an interactive story on 360° for iPad called ‘IDNA’, which got a lot of attention from the media. When the Oculus Rift announced the comeback of virtual reality, apelab decided to focus on the medium and adapt Sequenced for the upcoming virtual reality headsets.


  • See how the story is told depending on your focus.
  • Feel present in a hand-drawn and animated world on 360°.
  • Replay each episode to discover new dialogue and animation, or choose which episode you want to see next.


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Awards & Recognition

  • “Imaginove Grand Prize” Lyon, France, 2013
  • “GDC Best in Play” San Francisco, 2014
  • “Game Connection Awards Selection” San Francisco, 2015
  • “Cross Video Days Grand Prize” Paris, France, 2015
  • “Sundance Institute Official Selection” Park City, Utah, 2016
  • “Toronto Film Festival Official Selection” Toronto, Canada, 2016

Selected Articles

  • “Episodic content appears to be perfect for VR, especially on mobile where people would rather an experience where they can pop in and out of it, but also have the option to binge consume when desired.” – Will Mason, UploadVR
  • “An amazing iPad movie where the tablet is a magic window” – Kyle Vanhemert, Wired
  • ‘Sequenced’ & the Challenge of Interactive VR Narratives – Voices of VR Podcast

About apelab

apelab is a production studio specialized in interactive storytelling for virtual reality and mobile devices. Their focus is on creating accessible and engaging user experiences through compelling storyworlds and innovative gameplays.

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Sequenced Credits

Emilie Joly
Director, storyworld

Maria Beltran
User experience

Michael Martin
Technical Direction

Sylvain Joly
Art Direction

Elise Ramseier
Art, Illustration

John Howe
Art, Illustration

Michael Rieder

Richard Johnson

Peter Coyote, Morgan Burch
Voice Acting

Bastien Cerutti
Sound Design