apelab SARL / apelab Inc.
Based in Geneva, Switzerland / Los Angeles

Founding date:
March 10, 2014


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Break a Leg

apelab SARL
Rte des Acacias 43
1227 Les Acacias (GE)

apelab Inc.
Havas Center
Los Angeles (CA)


apelab is a VR/AR company specialised in the development of high-quality immersive content. We focus is on creating accessible and engaging user experiences through compelling storyworlds and innovative gameplays.


Early history
Emilie Joly, Maria Beltran Reyes, Sylvain Joly and Michael Martin may have different backgrounds, though they all chose interaction design for their Master’s degree. After graduating from the University of Arts and Design in Geneva (HEAD), the four designers founded apelab as a studio for interactive storytelling, prototyping and experimentation with new technologies, focusing on playful and accessible experiences.

After that
One of apelab’s projects was an interactive story on 360° for iPad, which got a lot of attention from the media. Called ‘IDNA’ at that time, its storyworld and interaction technology was continuously developed.

As virtual reality was making his comeback with the Oculus Rift, apelab decided to focus on the medium and adapt IDNA, which was renamed ‘Sequenced’, for the upcoming virtual reality headsets.

In parallel, a patent pending technology and toolkit for VR and AR was develop in the studio: SpatialStories. This platform is essential and used for every project of the studio, speeding up the workflow and optimizing production.

Apart from Sequenced, apelab has been developing a variety of interactive projects including games for museums and exhibitions, interactive scenography for theater plays, a few collaborations with Google on their AR platform Project Tango, and more recently a video game for mobile VR game called ‘Watchout!’, adapted from animation film ‘My Life as a Zucchini’, available on the App Store and Google Play.



Early Showreel Vimeo



Animated Logo

Logo & Icon

Shows & Exhibitions

  • Game Developers Conference – San Francisco, 2014
  • Imaginove – Lyon, France, 2014
  • Tokyo Game Show – Japan, 2014
  • Game Connection – San Francisco, 2015
  • Cross Video Days – Paris, France, 2015
  • Tokyo Game Show – Japan, 2015
  • Sundance Festival, New Frontier – Utah, 2016
  • Future of Storytelling Festival – New York, 2016
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinéma – Montréal, 2016

Additional Links

The patent pending technology used for every project’s development (Sequenced, Break a Leg, Watchout!,…) Check it out here.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Emilie Joly
Interaction Design, CEO

Maria Beltran
Product Design, Interaction Design

Michael Martin
Technical Direction, Interaction Design

Sylvain Joly
Art Direction, Interaction Design

Elise Ramseier
Art, Illustration

John Howe
Art, Illustration

Michael Rieder

Richard Johnson

Bastien Cerutti
Sound Design


Advisory Board

Erinrose Sullivan
EA Games – Marketing (former)

Jessica Brillhart
Google VR (former)

Gaël Seydoux
Innovation Director @ Technicolor / Ubisoft (former)

Alex McDowell
USC / WBI – Production Designer

Abir Oreibi
LIFT / Alibaba – Finances, Strategy

Marc Jackson
Seahorn Capital – AR/VR Investor

Chadwick Turner
Circle Reality – Founder

Yelena Rachitsky
Oculus VR – Executive Producer

Timoni West
Head of Authoring Tools – Unitylabs