Une aventure épique pour réalité virtuelle.

Raven, a young orphan leaves her hometown to become the Guardian of the Last City on earth before humanity’s predicted extinction.

Sequenced is the first animated series on 360° for virtual reality helmets. The story adapts in real time to the user’s focus: the characters and environment react to the users presence in the scene. Taking place in a near future, the first episode of Sequenced will come out in 2016 for iOS, Android, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Gaze interactive, The proprietary technology developed in house since 2013 to create the dynamic narrative is under development and will become available for Unity developers and designers around the same time as the release of Sequenced. More information on gaze interactive.com

Sequenced sera disponible sur la plupart des visiocasques, dont une version exclusive pour le HTC Vive.