Break a Leg, an intergalactic Magic-Show !

Sandra AnsanayVideo games, VR0 Comments

  The inhabitants of the Andromeda constellation want to unleash The Ultimate Power of the Galaxy, to finally rule the universes. Only a human magician can unlock a mysterious apparatus sealed by Houdini’s great great great Aunt Maggie. Trapped into the backstage of a multiple-stage theater you will have to pretend to be a top-class magician. Welcome into Break a Leg, … Read More

SpatialStories: Getting Started

Sylvain JolyAR, SpatialStories, VR0 Comments

SpatialStories is a toolkit developed by apelab to create VR / AR experiences quickly and effectively. Used for all our content and constantly evolving, it was a tool we only used inside the company, until now. Since last month, everyone can subscribe to have a chance to test it for free, before it’s going to market. The following video briefly … Read More