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An unknown species has kidnapped you to unleash the ultimate power of the Galaxy. Only a human from planet Earth is able to unleash its force by going through the ancient book of Stellar Tricks written by Houdini himself.

For centuries, they have been looking for the master illusionist who would have the skills to master this universal force allowing them to rule the galaxies and worlds beyond. But be careful, they do not like failure…

Break a Leg is an interactive experience designed for virtual reality. It gets its inspiration from the magic shows of the 19th Century such as Houdini and Kellar. Built to entertain the crowds based on tricking the mind through misdirection and routine, the conjurers obeyed drastic rules to fool the mind of the audience.

Break a Leg immerses you in the offbeat adventures of an improvised magician on stage who will have to go through multiple stages of a conjurer’s performance without missing a beat.

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Check out the prototype of Break A Leg on Google’s Project Tango:


Break a Leg is a playful experience designed for virtual reality using gaze-based interactions and movements of the user in space. Inspired by the magic shows of the 19th century such as Houdini and Kellar, Break a Leg immerses the player in an offbeat universe where he plays a magician on stage which shall deliver its best performance in front of a strange, demanding and unpredictable audience.

The game begins in the lodge of the conjurer. Various magic props lying around here and there, posters and headlines of newspapers plastered on the walls already provide an overview of your new powers. If you listen carefully, you can hear the thud of the audience getting impatient. You are invited to stand on the small platform in the center of the room and, while you look up toward the source of the noise, the platform begins to move.

You rise towards the light as the public’s noise is growing. Finally, you appear in the spotlight and the crowd applauses. The room is huge. On stage, everything is ready for you to perform various tricks: a chair, a gramophone,a wardrobe, and especially more or less voluntary assistants.

The room gets silent. The tension builds. Your footsteps echo in the huge theater. Now a few meters from the public, you bow. Then you gaze towards the chair to your right. A chair which appears most common, and yet: it starts shaking. You gradually become aware of the powers you are invested. Now the chair floats a few meters above the ground. The public is speechless. Your eyes still fixed on the object, you rotate slowly to make it go through a suspended hoop.

There follows a brief silence,yet one that you feel is endless. You finally turn around to face your audience and a thunder of applause erupts.
This is only the beginning of your performance …