Break a Leg, an intergalactic Magic-Show !

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Break a Leg : the Intergalactic stage

The inhabitants of the Andromeda constellation want to unleash The Ultimate Power of the Galaxy, to finally rule the universes. Only a human magician can unlock a mysterious apparatus sealed by Houdini’s great great great Aunt Maggie. Trapped into the backstage of a multiple-stage theater you will have to pretend to be a top-class magician. Welcome into Break a Leg, a VR Magic-Show where your performance will save your life, on Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Touch !


An intergalactical Theater

Break a Leg consists of a 10-minute first chapter and a full adventure of about one hour divided into several routines. Each routine is a magic performance you will have to successfully accomplish in order to continue your journey.

In each trick you will retrieve a stone, which is a piece of the Power. When added up, the 5 stones unlock the apparatus and reveal the Universal Clock. You then can access the Ultimate Power of the Galaxy.

I made a thesis at the end of my masters on the link between illusionism and interaction Design” says Emilie Joly, apelab CEO. “Being on a stage really makes sense in a VR experience, and in this game, the player is an actor in every sense of the word.


The Magic Show aesthetic

The game is a tribute to Houdini’s and Kellar’s magic shows in the 19th century. Back in the days, it was the most popular of entertainment. Illusionist mislead the crowd with tricks and follow complex routines to fool the audience’s mind.
We worked a lot on the aesthetic of magic shows’ declares Sylvain Joly apelab Art Director, ”we chose to start the game with a classic victorian decor. The alien audience in the theater, is wearing tailored suit and frilled shirt”.


Research on the aliens


Apelab team digged up old magic books and started to craft the various tricks the player has to perform. With the combined capacities of the headset and interactive devices, you will be able to summon objects, levitate bodies or hypnotize creatures.



Many references from movies, games or TV shows from the 80’s – 90’s were also added to the game. “British Humour is an integral part of the game. We notably took inspirations from The Monthy Python’s Holy Grail and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“ says Sylvain Joly. 

Pranks are so numerous that apelab studio lost count of them. If you were a kid in the 80’s-90’s, you will definitely have a feeling of déjà-vu. “There are hints of Beetlejuice, The NeverEnding Story, Fantasia or even the Haunted House in Disney theme parks” confirms Emilie Joly, “it can be objects, musics or situations; we had a lot of fun creating this game.” 

The full version of Break a Leg will be released this fall on Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Touch.

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