SpatialStories & Unity : Working Together

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We are often asked this question when we present our new software. This post will try to answer it. For now, SpatialStories is a Unity Plugin, allowing designers and developers to create AR/VR interactions easily within the popular game engine. But in a few months, it will be so much more. Unity is a game engine, a software designed for … Read More

Break a Leg, an intergalactic Magic-Show !

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  The inhabitants of the Andromeda constellation want to unleash The Ultimate Power of the Galaxy, to finally rule the universes. Only a human magician can unlock a mysterious apparatus sealed by Houdini’s great great great Aunt Maggie. Trapped into the backstage of a multiple-stage theater you will have to pretend to be a top-class magician. Welcome into Break a Leg, … Read More

SpatialStories: Getting Started

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SpatialStories is a toolkit developed by apelab to create VR / AR experiences quickly and effectively. Used for all our content and constantly evolving, it was a tool we only used inside the company, until now. Since last month, everyone can subscribe to have a chance to test it for free, before it’s going to market. The following video briefly … Read More

Break a Leg’s First Chapter Coming to Samsung Gear VR on June 29

Sylvain JolyApe Team

Apelab is excited to announce that Break a Leg’s first chapter will be available for free exclusively on the Samung Gear VR powered by Oculus on June 29. Tailor-made for the new Gear VR controller, Break a Leg aims at bringing high-quality interactivity and a polished storyline to mobile platforms. The free chapter is a sneak-peek of the full experience … Read More

Apelab Collaborates With The Technicolor Experience Center To Expand The Development Of High Quality Immersive Content

Sylvain JolyApe Team

Apelab is proud to partner with the Technicolor Experience Center in Los Angeles to develop the future of high-end VR/AR content creation through their SpatialStories platform. The apelab founding team have been solving content creation workflows for immersive media for more than four years. As a result, the team is launching SpatialStories, a full Production Suite for interactive VR & … Read More

Bilan: 50 Startups to invest in

Sylvain JolyApe Team

Apelab is proud to have made the cover of BILAN’s 50 startups to invest in. We’re actively preparing our first funding rounds and we are looking for investors interested especially innovation through content in the field of Virtual Reality, gaming and digital media.