Los Angeles, June 14th 2017

Apelab Collaborates with The Technicolor Experience Center to Expand the Development of High Quality Immersive Content

Apelab is proud to partner with the Technicolor Experience Center in Los Angeles to develop the future of high-end VR/AR content creation through their SpatialStories platform.

The apelab founding team has been solving content creation workflows for immersive media for more than four years. As a result, the team is launching SpatialStories, a full Production Suite for interactive VR & AR content creation. The Suite reflects the growing need for a comprehensive, creator-friendly pipeline to make high-end interactive content easier to build, from concept to prototyping and final productions.


“ A large part of the Technicolor Experience Center’s mission is to educate the community on this brave new world of immersive media,” says Brian Frager, Lead VR/AR Experience Producer at the Technicolor Experience Center. “ In order to thrive, VR and AR must have a wide diversity of voices contributing content and pushing the boundaries of creative possibility. We are thrilled to partner with apelab on their SpatialStories platform because it promises to democratize interactive content creation and make these tools accessible to anyone with a story to tell.”

By uniting talent from Technicolor and its award-winning creative brands (MPC, The Mill, Mr. X and Mikros Image) with partners from fields as diverse as gaming, animation, traditional media and technology, the Technicolor Experience Center enables the ideation, exploration and creation that pushes the boundaries of what immersive experiences can be.

“ We cannot wait to start working with Technicolor, who have helped tell so many stories over the last 100 years. Their expertise in the entertainment industry will help us shape the tools that are truly needed for the VR/AR industry to thrive,” says Emilie Joly, CEO of apelab.

The SpatialStories platform’s premise is to always innovate, think outside the box and explore meaningful ways for VR/AR creators to build immersive content they can be proud of. Apelab’s SpatialStories SDK is available now for the Unity Engine. The upcoming SpatialStories Studio is a standalone application where VR/AR creators can build an interactive project from scratch directly from within a headset.

“ Working in the field of VR/AR is a fantastic opportunity to discover new ways of experiencing interactivity and we want to open this technology to everyone. This partnership will greatly contribute to this vision,” says Michael Martin, CTO of apelab.

About apelab

In 2012, the founders of apelab teamed up as Interaction Design Graduates and researchers at the preeminent Geneva University of Art & Design. They have since established themselves as proven creators and thought leaders in interactive storytelling native to VR/AR. Apelab’s award-winning content slate has been built from scratch using the SpatialStories platform. These pieces include Sundance New Frontier series Sequenced, AR piece Mnemonic built with the Google Tango group and the upcoming Break a Leg in partnership with AMD and Oculus. Break a Leg will have a first chapter released on June 30th 2017 and the full adventure later this summer.

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